Parthvi Farms an enclosed ideal residential area for all age groups starting from your toddler to your parents and grand parents. It is ensured to enhance the amenities and lifestyle Of the luxury modern green living We are Offering commercial and residential farm houses of different sizes and we are also planning for row houses in near future.Amongst the Indian cities, Lucknow has always had a concept of farm houses being the first home. Farm houses were preferred over bunglaows not just for the luxury, but also for the amenities, customized product features and convenience. The supply of farm houses however, always remained scarce, and in most cases,they were ‘unauthorized’ in nature.Pathvi Farms is an initiative of Certes Realty Limited, an expert advisory organization, specialising in land. It comprises of a team which includes subject matter experts on valuations, land laws, government rules and regulations concerning farm houses.

The entire planning and conceptualization of the project focused revolving around a secured and serene home for you and your family.


Parthvi Farms is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level in Real Estate.